Choose Your Own Adventure

I loved these books as a kid.  I probably read every single volume at the library down the street.  The trouble was, over half the time, you died a horrible death at the hands of a diabolical and counter-intuitive trap created by the author.  In order to combat this, you’d find me in the corner with my fingers stuck in the pages wherever a choice occurred, following each branch to find the best possible conclusion.

This is part of my intense desire to see and experience everything, to make the most out of every experience.  Life is short, and unlike Choose Your Own Adventure books, you can’t put your fingers in the pages to save your place.

Ironically, this desire to see and do everything often paralyzes me with the fear that I might choose poorly, and thus close a door on a potential experience.  Subsequently, I choose to do nothing and miss out on everything.

Life isn’t like videogames or action movies.  In those fictional worlds, adventure happens to the hero no matter what he or she chooses.  In real life, you have to make and take your opportunities as you can.  When it’s over, it won’t matter to you anymore, so you might as well enjoy it along the way.

Life unfolds on a great sheet called Time, and once finished it is gone forever. – Chinese Proverb