Level Up is Goruck Tough

A couple of weeks ago I had the opportunity to complete a Goruck challenge.

Goruck is a manufacturer of battle-ready backpacks run by Jason, a Green Beret and all around pain-enthusiast. He runs Goruck Challenges in cities around the United States to make “Good Livin” available to anyone who dares try it.

The details of the challenge are intentionally vague, in fact a lot of it will depend on how well your team performs, but I’ll give you some highlights.

1. You wear a Goruck sack filled with bricks.

2. It lasts at LEAST 12hrs

3. Expect to cover 20 miles.

4. You will get “smoked” a lot.

5. Your team will carry several extra “coupons” of additional weight.

6. It’s all about teamwork.

I don’t care how physically fit you are, at some point you will get tired. Especially because the more capable you are, the more weight you’ll need to carry to help out the members of your team who aren’t as fit. The GRC is not a race and everyone is expected to finish together. If someone doesn’t make it due to exposure or exhaustion, it’s the team’s failure to monitor his or her health. It was a powerful lesson in teamwork and perseverance an I’m proud to say I’m Goruck Tough.

Check out the Goruck website for more info about their products or to sign up for a challenge.