Surgeon General’s Warning: death a side affect of life.

It is a strange and essential aspect of life that it is never quite so wonderful as when you are about to lose it.  This is why I love adventure- it is living in spite of death (something that we do everyday without thinking about it).  I don’t mean to advocate taking unnecessary risk.  In fact, it is one of my life’s goals to advocate personal risk management.

I’m a big proponent of safety and risk mitigation, if I wasn’t I’d probably be dead by now; but for some reason all sorts of mysterious people who post signs are trying to prevent me from hurting myself, and in the process, lock me out of new and interesting opportunities for exploration.

I understand a need for security and I’m not arguing that I should be allowed to wander around, say, a nuclear weapons depository or the private property of other citizens.  What I am arguing is that I don’t need someone to tell me that cliff diving is dangerous or that there’s a risk of falling off of a roof without a guardrail and subsequently prohibit me from visiting those areas.  We expect to be allowed to make our own decisions regarding smoking- something which is extremely detrimental to our health- and I think that should extend to base-jumping, deep water-soloing, and any other dangerous and awesome activity you can think of.

The other side of this argument is that I can’t go blaming someone else when I hurt myself.  I wouldn’t dream of it.

Infiltration‘s Ninjalicious says it far more elegantly than I:

When we see a sign that says “Danger: Do Not Enter”, we understand that this is simply a shorthand way of saying “Leaving Protected Zone: Demonstrate Personal Accountability Beyond This Point”.

I highly recommend his Zine and Book which can be found HERE.

Living a life of adventure is all about personal accountability- you are the only person responsible for your safety, your happiness, your life.

Decide for yourself what that means.