What We Do


I get asked what I do a lot. And I always give a terrible answer. Like, how-do-I-run-my-own-business terrible. The thing is, it’s not that I don’t know what to say (sometimes it is), it’s that I don’t know what not to say. When we started Level Up, it was based on ideas and ideals and concepts that don’t always easily translate to a conversation with the nice lady cutting my hair. So I find myself consistently faced with the task of trying to shut up in just the right places in order to convey the most relatable facet of the company, which usually boils down to something like “extreeeeeme event planning”.

Let the bodies hit the floor.

But what that neglects, what’s left out of the “playing a videogame in real life” pitch, is the fact that what we do, in my humble opinion, is really important. It’s important because we, as human beings, need heroes.

As a culture, we derive much of our motivation toward excellence from our vision of others. We see what others have done as a benchmark for our own possibility. We see someone else’s success and realize that we might achieve that, too. As adults, those dreams of excellence are often bounded by what has been dubbed ‘the daily grind’; hopes and aspirations toward workplace advancement, home ownership, fiscal freedom. As children, though, our heroes inhabited a much more impossible sphere of accomplishment, often being dubbed not just heroes, but SuperHeroes. And that is what we’re trying to return to; the childhood wonder that let us accomplish anything. The crux of that is imagination; unconstrained by the need for reality, these characters are seen by adults as able to accomplish more than any normal human can- they are ‘super’, after all. But in our dreams as children, we could do everything they could and more. Our heroes were men and women that made the impossible possible. The amazing thing is that though Superman and Batman, James Bond and Indiana Jones, are fictional, that aspiration toward greatness they lend to us has a very real, very tangible product, creating people that save lives, reinvent societies, and touch the stars. The problem is that somewhere along the way to adulthood, our dreams of the impossible become just that: impossible, and so too, then, do our accomplishments and excitement dwindle to the mundane. Wanting Brad from accounting’s new BMW 6-Series has led many people to success, but few to greatness.

Level Up Adventures was founded with the simple goal of helping people make not only the most of their lives, but the best. By teaching people the skills commonly associated with those we find truly heroic and putting them in practical real world social and philosophical context, we have developed a system that offers participants the chance to push their physical and mental boundaries in a safe and fun environment, while offering a glimpse into the world of the adventurer, the hero. As our system trains the body to move through the world in heroic fashion, so too is the mind conditioned to look at the world from another perspective: one of freedom and courage. Our program was created to give you the freedom to move through life in your best way possible in the hopes of fostering the greatness in each of us, allowing ourselves the joy of not only having great heroes, but of becoming heroes ourselves.

Be Good.