Man of Steel

I’m going to stream of consciousness a little about Man of Steel, and it’s going to include some mild spoilers, so if you want to avoid those and care at all about my opinion, I’ll say just this: it is an uneven film that’s greatest strength is in almost perfectly capturing the character of Superman. No small task.
The last scene is absolutely perfect. I couldn’t imagine a better ending.

Spoilers ahead.

So yeah, it’s uneven. The “emotional” parts and the “action” parts are fairly divorced, so while the personal moments work well, the “action”, while visually impressive, lacks the real gravitas that might come from real investment. It’s a little jarring to hear how important humanity is and then watch what must be thousands of people die in buildings crushed by super fighting. By the last action finale, I actually got really tired of watching flying and punching, which seems crazy to say. 
The father/son themes don’t really work, and I’m pretty sure in this movie pa Kent is the worst influence on Clark ever. Here Clark is a hero despite his human father , not because of him. In fact, I can’t think of anything good he gets from being raised human. Which is pretty crazy. If Clark had been raised by Jor-El, he would have ended up the same, except more awesome because Jor-El is a kung fu master. 
Amy Adams’ speech bothered me in the beginning, but I think I just miss hearing Dana Delaney, and by the end she had grown on me.
The dialogue is often overwritten which is classic Goyer, but isn’t too bad. 
Those are most of my complaints, though it should be noted that none of them got in the way of me enjoying it. Most came to me after the fact (besides some super dumb plotting).
The movie’s high point, though, is Henry Cavill. For 99% of the movie, it was pretty amazing to really see Superman. I’d say Caville is almost on par with RDJ in terms of part perfection, but he has worse dialogue and less fun, so he gets a little shafted. His voice is anti-Bale and I smiled every time I got to hear him speak as Superman.
But then the action finale happened. I won’t get into it specifically, but I thought they had made a perfect cinematic Superman and then I was wrong.
There’s something to be written about the relationship between Clark and his two fathers, what the film wants that relationship to say, and what it actually does, but I’m writing on my phone and it makes me dumber. So, until my second viewing, I’ll leave it at that.