About Us

At some point, we all want a little adventure.

Whether you’re stuck in a cubicle or comfortable in a corner office, there’s been a time that you’ve watched a movie, read a book or played a videogame and thought “I wish I could do that.”

At Level Up Adventures, you get to.

We believe that everyone has the right to some adventure in his or her life, so we have dedicated ourselves to giving people that opportunity. We create classes, events, and adventures aimed at letting you be the star of your own movie, your own videogame, your own adventure.

Have you ever had to decide whether to avoid roaming sentries or disable them silently? Pick a locked door or climb to safety? Have you ever tracked a kidnapper to his lair to rescue a hostage?

You can.

Our Philosophy

Level Up Adventures was founded with the simple goal of helping people make not only the most of their lives, but the best. By teaching people the skills commonly associated with those we find truly heroic and putting them in practical real world social and philosophical context, we have developed a system that offers participants the chance to push their physical and mental boundaries in a safe and fun environment, while offering a glimpse into the world of the adventurer, the hero. As our system trains the body to move through the world in heroic fashion, so too is the mind conditioned to look at the world from another perspective: one of freedom and courage. Our program was created to give you the freedom to move through life in your best way possible in the hopes of fostering the greatness in each of us, allowing ourselves the joy of not only having great heroes, but of becoming heroes ourselves.