Personal Defense Readiness

At Level Up Adventures, we train you to deal with whatever violence may arise over the course of your life of adventure. Utilizing Blauer Tactical Systems’ groundbreaking research into the startle/flinch response, we offer a self defense class that is “Genetically wired and behaviorally inspired”™, providing the knowledge and confidence to avoid danger and the simplest, most effective means of surviving should that danger become unavoidable.

The Personal Defense Readiness™ program teaches you to take the human body’s natural response to violence and aggression and turn that into a combative counter, providing you with the fastest and most efficient defense possible. The fact that it is born from the human body’s own physiological reactions makes it generic in the best way: not limited by size, skill, age, or gender, meaning anyone can learn it and everyone can do it.

And if you’re already a martial artist, don’t worry: this isn’t meant to replace your current or past training. It can serve as a perfect bridge from pre-contact to your more complex motor skills and techniques.

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